Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for checking out the blog. If our Christmas card led you here, welcome. I'm really great at blogging, as you will witness from the small amount of posts I've managed to put together (sarcasm) but I'm grateful you want to check in with us. Here are some photos of stuff we did over the last year:

Gilbert Temple Open House
Cam isn't a fan of photo booth kissing photos with his mother. I can't imagine why.
My sister Jordan got married. I made sure Derek tagged along.
Dimple faced babe's school photos.
Camden graduated preschool and started Kindergarten. 
My mom graduated college.

Father's day with Dad.
Fourth of July. The first actually enjoyable holiday in a long time. 
Cam turned five! 
And we celebrated in Disneyland.
And attempted to tire out the "Beaches on the Beach" thing. It never gets old. 
Camden dabbled in some modeling. He decided he'd rather focus on his art at this time. 
Camden as Captain Hook. He's a villain sympathizer. 
Halloween pumpkin carving. Also some sort of possession taking place here apparently.
And lastly, we are spending the end of the year getting ready for our next Disney trip.

2014. Better than 2013. Not as good as 2015 will be.

We miss Derek every day. 

We hope your year was as rad as ours. 

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