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October 11, 2008
Derek and I were blissfully married on a cool Saturday morning on October 11th, 2008. Despite the beautiful weather, a fantasy honeymoon in Maui, and visions of a long and happy life, Derek was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkins Lymphoma just two weeks after marrying.

With a high cure rate and his otherwise great health, we were assured he would be able to beat cancer and possibly even obtain a cure.

Pals, 2009
Beaches on the Beach, 2013
9 months and two weeks later, we welcomed an answer to our prayers: our son Camden.  As a family, we weathered the storms and trials that cancer brought our way: two bone marrow transplants, numerous chemotherapy treatments, and thousands of doctors appointments. Cancer was our normal. Dropping Derek off at chemo eventually became what other wives must feel like dropping their husband's off at work with a kiss and a wish for a good day. Only I handed my husband a warm blanket and something to barf in instead of a lunch.

Family Picture, 2012
After transplant number two, we felt that a cure was close. The relapse had been treated with radiation and then chemotherapy. In early April, Derek was admitted to the hospital for a fever but came home a few days later. At his check up two days later, he was readmitted and things escalated quickly from there.
Really, Really Good Looking, 2009
The next day, Derek was admitted into the ICU for evaluation of his breathing troubles and just a few hours later he was put on a ventilator. It was discovered that his cancer treatments had taken an immense toll on his body and he was unable to fight off any sickness and resulted in respiratory failure. Hope quickly began fading and a week later, Derek's final wish was to be at home with his family.

Serious Face, 2012
Derek came home with hospice and was able to spend one last night with our family in our home and passed away the next day.

Derek's fight has continued to inspire others. With his sense of humor, unnatural obsession with bacon, facial hair like nobody's business, and love for serving others, his loss (and facial hair) are missed daily.

This blog is meant for our loved ones to keep tabs on Camden and I as we deal with the loss of our best friend, to connect with others who have had to deal with trials and tragic loss, and for people to know that love truly can last forever.

To chat, comment, or give a virtual high-five, email me: dkcbeach [at] gmail dot com