Thursday, February 6, 2014

What Cancer is Really Like

I posted this lovely final family photo (Derek is sleeping/drugged, not the other thing) on instagram and Facebook this past week on World Cancer Day to bring about some awareness of what it really looks like. Derek did a great job at hiding his suffering, so much so that his own family were not aware how bad it was until it was the end. I wanted people to see that cancer is more than a disease--that it effected more than just Derek's health. It upended our life, it changed our family, and it was the center of our everything. Nothing could be done or planned without taking it into consideration. In fact, cancer had been apart of our family before Camden was.

I also wanted people to see the faces of families they are helping when they donate to the Susan Mortensen Turley Foundation. 100% of all proceeds go to families, since the foundation has no overhead.

People commented that this was a beautifully sad photo. It was one that encompassed both the sadness at Derek's final moments but the love that we shared with each other. I agree. Still sucks though.

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