Friday, January 31, 2014

30 Days of Derek

Today marks 30 days until what would have been Derek's 30th birthday. For a man suffering so much, he sure was kind to others and loved helping in any way he could. For the days leading up to his birthday, I have started a campaign of sorts for others to more consciously think about how their actions effect others. I don't know if Derek realized the legacy he was creating as he went about his life. In remembrance and celebration of him, I encourage others to think about doing some act of service for someone else. I have asked my friends on social media to post something they have done or something someone has done for them and hashtag it #30daysofderek.

For people looking to do good now, our family has started a fundraising team for the Susan Mortensen Turley Foundation. This foundation focuses on providing a weekend away for families dealing with cancer. Our family was lucky enough to be recipients while Derek was feeling well enough and it provided invaluable bonding time while being able to get away from everyday life.

You can check out our fundraising team here. Consider joining our team or donating if you so desire. Families like ours appreciate your generosity. Don't forget to post it! It's not bragging if it's for a good cause, right?

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